The hardware team is engaged in electronic equipment design and development, using modern component base with a view to the latest technological trends. Devices conceived this way are cheaper, more effective and reliable; not least, development cycle is shortened – development costs are reduced.

Our designers have rich experience with the following technology:

  • FPGA Xilinx, Altera, Lattice
    • Virtex 5, Virtex 6, Virtex 7
    • Spartan 6, Kintex, Artix and Zynq
    • Cyclone IV, Cyclone V, Stratix IV, Stratix V, SoC
  • Embedded and Application processores
    • Marvell - ARMADA
    • Cavium - Multicore MIPS and ARM
  • Texas Instruments digital signal processors - TMS320C64x
  • PowerPC 405, 440, ARM Cortex A8, A9, M3, M3, M0
  • Ethernet PHYs
  • IP Cores implementation for FPGA/
    • Digitizers, 1D and 2D signal processing//li>
    • High Speed Camera/
    • Smart Camera/
    • HD SDI, 3G SDI Convertors 
    • 10 Gbit Ethernet, 40 Gbit Ethernet 
    • DAC, ADC modules and units/
    • Low latency and jitter free communication links/
    • Boot loaders and partial reconfiguration support/
    • PCI Express up to x16/
    • QDR and DDR3, DDR4 Controllers/
    • GigaChip Interface, HMC controllers
  • FPGA programming techniques - VHDL and Verilog/
  • Soft Core processors MicroBlaze, NIOS II/
  • PCI and PCI Express busses/
  • Ethernet interfaces up to 40 Gbit/
  • CMOS and CCD sensors/
  • Printed circuit board design - upto 18 layers for operating frequency upto 10GHz
    • /Cadence Allegro / OrCAD/
    • /Altium Designer/

Throughout its existence, the company developed hundreds of boards that have been working reliably over the world.

  • Image digitization and analysis
  • Control systems//li>
  • Communication interfaces/
  • PCI data acquisition and control cards/
  • Digital camera systems and image analysis/
  • Research and education tools and systems/
  • Inteligent controllers for stepping motors/
  • Testing and quality control devices/


  • Seminars
  • VHDL - advanced programming and design techniques
  • DSP - code optimization and interface HW design

Sample projects

Integrated full-feature HMC controller