The module is designed for controlling, processing, and transmitting measured data to a higher-level system. The module is equipped with AD and DA converters for transmitting measurement impulses and detecting responses. The data from the converters are processed in the FPGA and then evaluated in a powerful control module, the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX, which is installed directly on the mainboard. Communication with the higher-level system then takes place via 1Gb Ethernet or 10 Gbit Ethernet using SFP+ high-speed transceivers.


Key Features

  • Processing module: NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX, 21 TOPS, GPU 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU with 48 Tensor Cores,
  • FPGA: Xilinx® Artix® UltraScale+™ XCAU25P-1FFVB676E
  • ADC chip - Dual-Channel, 14-bit, 625 MSPS Analog Devices AD9695BCPZ-625, 100Ω DC-coupled differential inputs, JESD204B interface
  • ADC-TIA chip - Analog Devices ADA4355, 14 bit, 125 MSPS, LVDS interface, bias voltage source for photodiode adjustable to 90 V;
  • DAC chip - 16-bit, 2.5 GSPS Texas Instruments DAC38J82, two 50Ω outputs, DC and AC-coupled, JESD204B interface
  • PCB dimensions: 178×125 mm, height 10 mm above the top side, 10 mm below the bottom side;
  • Power dissipation: <30 W, the board adapted to cool the Jetson module and FPGA to the assembly bottom of the case;
  • Inputs, outputs: 2× pin header for 12V fans, 4-pin header for Jetson module fan,
  • 12× FPGA GPIO, 50Ω SMA CLK generator input/output, 50Ω SMA CLK generator output 50Ω,
  • 2× SFP+ (XGS-PON OLT compatible),
  • 1Gbps Ethernet RJ-45,
  • 2× input 50+50 Ω (4× SMA) ADC + SMA VCM output,
  • ADC-TIA APD photodiode, APD bias input up to 200 V, DAC output 2× 50 Ω,
  • 2× USB 2.0 Host header, USB 2.0 micro Device recovery port,
  • Display port 5.4 Gb,
  • Jetson PMOD compatible headers 2× I2C, 1× SPI, 2× UART, 4× GPIO;
  •  Timing: Internal VCXO Crystek CVHD-950-100.000 with very low phase noise with frequency synthesizer and clock generator Analog Devices HMC7044;
  • Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps);
  • 2 SFP+ 10.25 Gbps cages shared with FMC+ slot;
  • M.2 SSD slot PCIe×1;
  • 2 PWM controllers for 12V fans, 1 PWM controller for 5V Jetson fan;