The card provides two xPON channels for uplink and downlink monitoring. Supported line rates are based on standard ITU-T G.984 (155, 622 Mb/s, 1.2, 2.5 Gb/s) and IEEE 802.3ah (1 Gb/s), after firmware update brings rates up to 10.3 Gb/s. The user can get data to a host system by x16 PCIe interface or by two 100 Gbit Ethernet/InfiniBand channels. The features can be expanded by the FMC+ connector (more channels, various channels combination, high speed ADC acquisition module – 3 Gsps one or two channels).

Cecilia block drawing

xGPON FPGA Module Block Drawing

Key Features

  • Two channels ITU-T G.984 (155, 622 Mb/s, 1.2, 2.5 Gb/s) and IEEE 802.3ah (1 Gb/s)
  • x16 PCIe gen 3 - data rate up to 128 G bit/s
  • FPGA Kintex UltraScale+ XCKU11P or XCKU15P-2FFVE1517
  • Two QSFP28 up to 4 x 28Gbit/s
  • Clock management
  • Two independet 64 bit DDR4  memories (2400 MTps), clamshell configuration
  • FMC+ connector with 12 GTY and 12 GHT transceiver and differential pairs
  • PMOD and I/O Expansion connectors are available
  • Power management
  • Stand alone operation (no need host system)

xPON FPGA Module

Typical Applications:

  • xPON network analyzer (software can be provided by our partner)
  • 100 Gbit network communication interface RDMA and InfiniBand support
  • Protocol converters, bridges
  • Security applications
  • IP development
  • Digital signal processing
  • Cloud computing
  • General-purpose prototyping platform
  • DAC/ADC - JESD204B
  • Video compression systems