The Xenie BB carrier board is a prototyping platform for evaluation and testing purposes of Xenie based family modules. The carrier board is ideally equipped for testing 10 GBASE-T Ethernet solutions, 10 GBASE-SR, 10 GBASE-LR and SDI (Serial Digital Interface) up to 12G. The carrier board provides flexible clocking options with two fixed or programable clock generator.

Xenie BB

Key Features

  • Single power supply from 6V to 16V
  • Current consumption measurement
  • 10GBASE-T RJ45 Connector with common mode sense option
  • SFP+ Connector
  • 2 x 12G SDI Input (LMH1219)
  • 2 x 12G SDI Output (LMH1218)
  • Oscillators 148.5MHz and 148.35MHz
  • RS232, JTAG, 4 x LED
  • GPIO connectors
    • Single ended
    • Differential pairs

 Available Technical Support

  • Schematic rev 1.0
  • Xenie module - XC7K70(160)T-xFFG676C
  • VHDL example project with source code
    • PHY and peripheral initialization
    • Microblaze and DDR3 design
    • 10G MAC, UDP full rate
    • Open source project published at
  • Control software
  • Board schematic Allegro Cadence
  • PCB design Allegro Cadence
  • Xilinx Vivado HLx Web Edition support
  • Custom design upon request