FPGA Modules

Xenie BB 1.0

The Xenie BB carrier board is a prototyping platform for evaluation and testing purposes of Xenie based family modules. The carrier board is ideally equipped for testing 10GBASE-T Ethernet solutions, 10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-LR and SDI (Serial Digital Interface) up to 12G. The carrier board provides flexible clocking options with two fixed or programable clock generator.

High Speed Camera

The camera module captures and processes the images at high frame rate and high resolution. The module is also capable acquire data form hyperspectral sensors.


The Leona module is industrial-grade SoC module integrating an Altera Soc Cyclone V, a triple gigabit Ethernet PHY (two for HSP and one for FPGA), 1 Gbyte DDR3 SDRAM with 32-bit width, 2 x 32 Mbyte SPI Flash memory for configuration and operation, SD Card holder and power supplies for all on-board voltages.

Xenie 1.0

The Xenie is a product family of highly integrated FPGA modules that includes the Xilinx® Kintex7® FPGA and 10Gbit Ethernet Marvell Alaska X 88X3310P PHY on a single board. The module is fully pro-grammable to provide “Any to Ethernet” high performance connectivity. On the line side, the PHY sup-ports the following protocols 10GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T, 2.5GBASE-T, 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-Te. The PHY is compatible with the IEEE 802.3an, IEEE 802.3bz standards, NBASE-T™ Specification and supports IEEE802.1ae MACsec protocol and PTP functionality with IEEE 1588 v2. PTP time-stamp processing.

Daniela 1.1

The Daniela is an Industrial PCI Express module with integrated peripherals used for control and realtime applications.